A Sky of Blue and a Sea of Green, part two

This week we made a little road trip to Santa Barbara to spend time with friends and see Jack McCoy’s new film a Deeper Shade of Blue. This is a great film with engaging stories and exquisite photography. We are stoked for Jack, Garth and everyone who worked with them. Congratulations! Here’s a little shot of the opening sequence of A Deeper Shade of Blue.

A Deeper Shade of Blue film

Stoked after the film, Terry, Jack and Derek. Terry Chun and Derek Hynd's sequences in the film were amazing. Terry's smooth foiling was dreamlike, magical and transporting.

Jericho, Steve, Cher. Chad was tackling us, ha! who is that blur? Photo by our friend Mike M.

Fresh green salad and Chicken Pot Pie at Harry's in Santa Barbara with Kenny, Denise, Joey, Shandra and Mike, so much fun!

Joey, Shandra and Mike, Aloha!

Kenny and Denise, smiles all around

About 15 years ago when Derek Hynd was in San Diego, Skipper introduced him to Steve. Skippy told Derek that Steve was doing exciting work with his Pendoflex. Derek was interested in Steve’s boards and ordered a board, which Steve built. Derek asked to have the boxed board taken to Rip Curl with whom he was doing some work at the time. Some months later we heard from Dilly that someone had opened the box with Derek’s Pendoflex and we never knew if Derek ever received the board. Until Wednesday morning that is! We were on our way home from the premiere of A Deeper Shade of Blue and stopped at Rincon to check out the tiny surf and take a walk. When we returned, a car was parked next to us in the nearly empty lot. Lo and behold, it was Derek, and he and Steve had a nice long visit and fun talking story. . .  We found out that he never received the board Steve built for him, and we hope to find out what happened to it! Derek had been in town a few times, but we’d missed seeing him on the fly though.

Derek had the fun idea for this photo of he and Steve with his board and Steve’s Little Black Lab. Looking forward. . . Ha! Note that Derek is wearing his Hanky Warner tee and Steve has Skipper’s 50th anniversary tee. This photo is for Hanky and Skipper, with Aloha.

Steve says the board doesn’t matter now, as Derek hasn’t surfed a board with fins in years! But I’m wondering if the Pendoflex fish will turn up sometime . . .

Derek and Steve

Queen of the coast, Aloes in bloom

Room with a view

Pieces of the puzzle


Love is all we need. . .

Have a beautiful day, Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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2 Comments on "A Sky of Blue and a Sea of Green, part two"

  1. Keiko
    13/02/2011 at 1:19 pm Permalink

    Aloha Steve,

    Sorry I was so busy working I didn’t see you or Cher.

    Next time and Mahalo for your nice site and mention of the film!


  2. pendo
    15/02/2011 at 12:13 pm Permalink

    Aloha, Keiko, thank you for your note. You’re welcome, we enjoyed the film very much. Take care, Steve and Cher

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