Chapman riding his Pendoflex Step Off

Hey, there! Here’s some terrific footage of Chapman Murphey riding the 6’5″ Pendoflex Step Off board that Steve made him last Summer. See the September, 1, 2009 post for more info about the board. Thanks, Chapman you’re charging! A warm thank you to Brian Conley for sharing this footage from his movie My Eyes Won’t Dry 3, coming soon, October 2010.

“. . .when I took it out, the thing took off like a hot knife cutting through butter. Your going so fast when you jump from the ski you have all this time to negotiate the barrel. The board would pivot on a dime or draw lines with complete ease. It also clung to the face in the barrel and with its weight I could lean as deep into a turn at full speed and not worry about slippin. The whole time the stiff flex was working with me like it was riding shot gun. No boingy bouncy on this stick , just FLEXN when it was called for. . .”

quote from Chapman, September 2009

Chapman Murphey with the Pendoflex Step Off

Click this link to see the footage, a new window will open. Another window will open and then click the hot text.

Chapman Pendoflex Mex 2010 by Brian Conley

This footage was filmed and edited by Brian Conley.

Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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