Fall showers, picnic time, small waves and smiles

Hello, there. We’ve had some much needed rain over the last few days. The sky has been constantly changing, with dark purple clouds moving in and out from the horizon, and rays of sparkling sunshine coming down in between the showers. Yesterday it rained steadily all day, very rare for Fall in San Diego. Studio bound all day, Steve and I decided to take a break from work and enjoy a picnic by the ocean. We picked up delicious sandwiches from Poma’s in OB and headed down to the sea. Our friend Jimmy found some fun little waves for his beautiful 6’10 Frye, and connected some long sections in the groundswell/wind swell. We were all smiles.

Cowa-flexit, Aloha!

Jimmy with his trusty 6'10" Frye twinny

Fall showers!

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