New 6’8″ Pendoflex swallow for Michael

Hello, there! Steve shaped a beautiful 6’8″ swallowtail for his brother Michael, who will traveling to surf left points in Mexico. His new board will have a Future fin system and options for surfing it as a high aspect twin or as a tri-fin. The dimensions are 13-1/4″, 20-5/8″, 15-3/4″. Michael’s board is painted with stripes in colors of the ocean. Bon voyage. . .

Cowa-flexit, Aloha!


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One Comment on "New 6’8″ Pendoflex swallow for Michael"

  1. Mike Michaelsen
    08/08/2010 at 1:59 pm Permalink

    The colors on that board are amazing.I suck at typing so i will have to call with a report on the quadraflex, arc tail, pendimmons mind machine you made me,Whats that leaning against the rubber rubber ducky,do I see another duckling?

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