New Pendoflex rounded diamond tail for Hal

Steve built our good friend Hal a beautiful 6’8″ rounded diamond tail quad for winter. Hal received his new board just in time for the new swell. Stoked!




Hal's new Pendoflex for winter

Hal's new Pendoflex for winter

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2 Comments on "New Pendoflex rounded diamond tail for Hal"

  1. Mikael Carpenter
    24/11/2009 at 11:59 pm Permalink

    6’8″, Quad, Diamond Tail, and a Pendoflex, sounds to good to be true. How do you think this will go in Oregon?, Given the cold, fickel and sharky waves that we got. How about some dimensions?

  2. pendo
    25/11/2009 at 11:29 am Permalink

    Hey there, Mikael, Steve here, Thats a good one given that there are so many different directions going on right now. Alias belly boards fat boards no boards ect!

    As for cold fickle and sharky any thing goes. The board that Hal is now ripping on is 6′-10.5″ 12-1/4″ nose 20-3/4″ mid and 15-1/4 tail coming in at about 2-5/8″ thick with futures times five so that he can still thrusterize it. A fairly solid all arounder. For up in your zone I would add some beef, and a thicker rail a bit more on top of the water. Hals model has a trimmer rail to help him slice in. Any how have some thanksgiving day weekend smiles. Aloha out for now Steve

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