Pendo family Field Trip to Capo Beach

Hey there! Steve restored a cool old Rick transition era board for Frenchman Pierre W. Recently Pierre made arrangements with the crew at Gato Heroi to fly the board over to Africa as they’re all traveling to the Sahara together. This morning we enjoyed a drive up the coast to the Gato Heroi shop in Capo Beach, meeting Larry White, seeing the interesting new longboards shaped by Robin Kegal and some vintage beauties too. Gato is in the quaint old quonset hut where Phil Edwards and Hobie Alter worked in the early 1960s. There’s a lot of inspiring history in this area. We imagined Phil and Hobie in the early 1960s working on their surfboards and catamarans and then walking to the beach a few blocks away, to surf Doheny and beautiful Dana Cove before the marina was built in 1966. We felt the surf stoke of Phil, Hobie, Miki Dora, Billy Hamilton, Loren “Whitey” Harrison and others who loved to surf here before the marina. Thanks for the great visit Larry, it was fun talking story!

Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

Gato Heroi shop

Tail and fin on the vintage Rick, bound for the Sahara

Larry White and Pendo

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