Pendoflex at Patagonia Cardiff, 3!

Here are two more Pendoflex boards that are at the Patagonia Cardiff store! 

Eco-friendly materials and built to last

These Pendoflex boards are hand-shaped and built with care. All of the boards are glassed with epoxy resin.

The 5’10 fish has a Biofoam core. The Biofoam fish is sealed with linseed oil resin prior to painting and has a bamboo cloth deck inlay, instead of a second layer of 6 oz cloth.

The 7’3 Ulua swallowtail has a 2.2lb EPS foam core. The bottoms are glassed with 6oz cloth, with an additional 4oz fiberglass patch from the tail forward. The decks all have 6oz S cloth and 6oz E cloth full length with double lap wraps around the rails, with additional 4oz cloth patches almost to center.

In short, they light, responsive and are built to last.

Thanks for being online to check this out. Come by the store and check out the boards, and take out one of the Pendoflex demos for a spin. We are very stoked and honored to build these boards for Patagonia Cardiff.

Thanks, Devon, Jon and crew. . .


Patagonia Cardiff

2185 San Elijo Ave

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA 92007

phone: (760) 634-9886

fax: (760) 632-8623


5'10 Biofoam fish

5'10 Pendoflex Biofoam fish


Pendoflex Ulua 7'2 tri

Pendoflex Ulua 7'2 tri

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