Pendos’ eye view of Sacred Craft Del Mar 2011

Hello, there! The Sacred Craft surfboard expo in Del Mar this weekend was a great show. Steve says it reminds him of a car rally . . . what’s under the hood kind of show . . . with all of the beautiful polished, pin-lined surfboards, Yeah! We wish everyone participating at Sacred Craft lots of success and good times. We are very happy that the 2011 Tribute to the Masters is dedicated to Carl Ekstrom. Carl is a very kind gentleman, so talented and always encouraging to others; we are honored to know him for decades. Carl is a treasure to the surfing community. We love you Carl!

We hope that you enjoy these snap shots taken on Saturday, October 8th. On Sunday October 9th, Wayne Rich won the Tribute to the Masters shape off. Congratulations to Wayne, and to all of the shapers!

And congratulations to the Thomson family, with Daniel Thomson winning Best of Show for his board design and kudos to Mark for his soft product . . . aka surf mats.

Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

Surfing Heritage Foundation vintage boards

Surfing Heritage Foundation vintage boards 2

In honor of Todd Chesser, with his Wiamea gun

Barry Hahn and Deanna Gibbs

Tak painting an Enjoy handplane in the Surfing Heritage Foundation booth

Chris Christenson and Jon Peck

John Kies

The Higgins family

Peter St. Pierre and Malcom Campbell

Paul Diamond and Richard Safady

Steve Pendo and Gary Hanel

Mike Casey with his mango alaia at the Safari booth

Safari Woodworkers booth with Casey and BK boards and Woodworks by Robert Rudine

Honoring Mr. Carl Ekstrom

Tribute to the Masters, honoring Carl Ekstrom

Wayne Rich's letter to Carl

Wayne Rich, his fiance and Pendo with Wayne's assymetrical tribute board

Wayne's inscription

Hunzie, Sam and Peter

Jeff Divine and Cher

Roy and Georgina Sanchez

John Durant and Larmo

The Art of Shaping, Los Angeles, presented by Billabong

The Art of Shaping, Los Angeles, presented by Billabong 2

The Art of Shaping, Los Angeles, presented by Billabong 3

Royce Cansler with the Jeff Ho board

For more information about Sacred Craft check out this link.

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