Salute to the Fish, sharing stoke and Aloha!

Hey, there! This is the weekend of the 2011 FishFry NY. We are sending stoke across the miles and pulled together a few photos to celebrate the Fish. We were blessed to visit for the 2010 NY Fish Fry and met many wonderful folks and renewed friendships. We thank you all for your friendship and gracious hospitality.

The whole concept of the Fish Fry . . . a loose gathering to share waves and stoke about the Fish . . . began in San Diego in September 2003. The first Fish Fry was organized by Bird Huffman, Joe Roper and friends. RK was stoked and designed a great shirt for the event. Skip Frye had made new Fishes for the Roper family and everyone wanted to share the stoke for riding Fish as well as Joe’s tasty fish tacos. Some of the folks who participated were the Huffman family, the Roper family, Skip Frye, Reno Abilera, Richard Kenvin, Josh Hall, Jeff McCallum, the Callaways, the Pendarvis family and other friends.  Since then, the concept of the Fish Fry has gone around the world. To follow up on the Fish Fry NY, you can visit the blog here.

Aloha, Cowa-flexit!

The 2010 Fish Fry NY

Steve with the Pendoflex Ducky at the 2010 Fish Fry NY, photo courtesy Mike Machemer

Here are some of our personal Pendoflex quiver that we brought to the 1st Fish Fry. The green keel fin Fish is a Stevie Lis and Steve Pendarvis collaboration made in the 80s.

The tee-shirt for the 1st Fish Fry, designed by RK. A favorite shirt, for sure!

Apricot Lis Fish in God's Garden, Azure Vista where the Fish was born. Stevie built Apricot in its entirety himself and she still goes well.

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