San Diego Aloha for Mollusk NY and the NY Fish Fry

Hey there! It’s a beautiful morning here in San Diego. When we walked along the cliffs this morning at sunrise, there were soft clouds out over the ocean and a fun mixed swell. A couple of Blue Jay families were cavorting in the canyon, and it was lovely to hear the beckoning sound of the waves breaking and the birds chirping. ‘Looking forward to a break from work sometime today and paddling out at our favorite reef.

Aloha to our friends in NYC and the upcoming NY Fish Fry this weekend. . .

Here are two sweet boards that Steve shipped to Mollusk NYC this week.

Pendoflex Rubber Ducky #2, 5’2″, 22-3/4″ wide, with the Pendoflex full deck inlay, EPS foam and Steve’s special epoxy construction. Rubber Ducky #2 is completely hand built from start to finish by Steve and features his special hand-made Baltic birch fins.

Pendoflex Classic Keel Fin Fish, 5’8″, 21-3’4″ wide, PU foam and Steve’s special Poly construction, also hand made from start to finish by Steve. This sweet Pendoflex fish also features beautiful keel fins made by our friend Larry Gephart.

Below the photos are links for the NY Fish Fry and Shipworm. Check them out!


Love and Aloha!

5'2 Pendoflex Rubber Ducky deck

Aloha NY, the 5'2 Pendoflex Rubber Ducky is coming your way!

5'2 Pendoflex Rubber Ducky deck

Aloha and smiles to NY! 5'2" Pendoflex Rubber Ducky

5'2 Pendoflex Rubber Ducky bottom

Aloha NY, 5'2 Pendoflex Rubber Ducky #2

5'8" Pendoflex Classic fish

Aloha NYC, here comes the 5'8" Pendoflex Classic fish

Steve Pendoflex fish bottom

Aloha NYC, here's the Pendoflex classic fish bottom

NY Fish Fry 2010

Check out the NY Fish Fry blog

and Shipworm and Gribble blogspot

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