Sea Kin, celebration of the sea

Sea Kin Volume 01, Issue 01 is a beautiful publication by and about our sea community, conceived, organized and edited by our very gifted lady-surfer friend Lauren L. Hill.

“Sea Kin is a celebration of the ocean that connects us. It is a collection of stories, ideas and imagery from diverse voices within our surfing culture. We focus on community, activism, and ecology.” —Lauren L. Hill

Along with intriguing stories, art and photography by Lauren L. Hill, Taylor Miller, Derek Hynd, Hilton Dawe, Nathan Oldfield, Elinor Cripps, Sally Stent, Christie Rigby, Alan van Gysen, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Leana Rack, Susan Wickstrand, Angie Takanami, Kuni Takanami, Xanthe Rivett, Isabel Lucas, Haley Welsh, Anna Weatherstone, Gaza Girls, Peggy Oki, Clifton Evers, Rebecca Olive, Hugo Muecke, Cher Pendarvis and others, I am honored to be featured in a piece “Shero” by Lauren Hill. “Malama Pono,” a loving story that I wrote about experiences with my dear friend Rella Sunn, is also featured. Aloha nui loa, Cher

Sea Kin Volume 01, Issue 01:

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