The opening of SurfIndian and the Anything But 3 Alternative Surfboard Show

Hello, there! it was another exciting and busy week. First off, congratulations to Chris Rule on the opening of his SurfIndian surf shop on May 22. The SurfIndian gallery also hosted an opening for the talented Japanese artist Koji Toyoda on the same night. The evening was fun and it was nice to see the lovely artwork, boards, clothing and catch up with friends. Surfboards by Skip Frye, Donald Takayama, Paul Strauch, Tyler Surfboards, Hydrodynamica, Pendoflex, Mast Surfboards, Michael Miller Surfboards and others are showcased at SurfIndian.

On Sunday morning, we cruised up to the 2010 AB3 Alternative Surfboard Show and demo morning at Oceanside harbor. Gale force winds were predicted and the weatherman was right! so most of us did not paddle out into the big, stormy conditions. We did enjoy visiting with friends and sharing about the beautiful surfboards, mats, hand planes and other gear. The sponsors and organizers are 101 Fins, Lokbox, Surfblanks, Real Surf Shop, SurfySurfy Surf Shop, Moonlight Glassing, Shawn Ambrose, JP. St. Pierre, James Robertson, Jimmy Jazz, Marlon, and if we forgot anyone, we apologize. Please send us your name and we’ll add it. Thank you!

“Windbowl at the Jetty”

The winners are:

Best of Show: DK for his Simons Says board

Most Innovative: Ace for his 1980 Ace-symmetrical

Most Original: Steve Pendarvis for his Pendoflex Rubber Rubber Ducky

Best Art: Steve Ford for Growth

Biggest Roach: Brandon for his Thong

Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

Here are a few photos from the SurfIndian opening and the AB3 2010.

Chris and Steve with one of the Pendoflex boards. This photo was taken the day before the opening.

Lovely art by Koji Toyoda, Arigato is "thank you"

Kyoto and Jason with the 6'6 Pendoflex

Kyoto and Jason with the 6'6" Pendoflex

DJ Jasmine kept the party rocking with music

Daniel "Fin" and his lady Andrea

The SurfIndian opening was a sea of stoked folks

Victory at Sea in Ocean Beach, it's unusual to have NW windswell this big, this late in May, combined with a big South swell. The OB pier is over 1/2 mile long and the waves are breaking beyond the end of the pier!

On our way up north, we stopped by to see Ryan Burch and pick up the Rubber Rubber Ducky. Ryan said he had a blast riding it. Thanks, Ryan!

Nice boards by Ace, DK and others

Brown Fish's Daniel Thomson twin and some other nice rides displayed on the sand

Bruce and Jonathan with Jonathan's camera and Bruce's vintage mat

Jonathan with his custom made 16mm POV camera rig!

Pendoflexes and other cool rides at AB3 2010

High five, Shawn! The wind was blowing so hard that it was gritty in the lot

Brownfish, Brian and Steve with the Pendoflex Rubber Rubber Ducky. Photo courtesy Brian Woodward, thanks, Brian!

Biggest Roach: Brandon for his Thong, photo: Shawn Ambrose

Best Art: Steve Ford for Growth, photo: Shawn Ambrose

Most Innovative: Ace for his 1980 Ace-symmetrical, photo: Shawn Ambrose

Most Original: Steve Pendarvis for his Rubber Rubber Ducky, photo: Shawn Ambrose

Best of Show, DK for his Simon Says, photo: Shawn Ambrose

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  1. Steve PP
    25/05/2010 at 6:05 am Permalink

    Hi Steve,

    Great photos, the Rubber Rubber Ducky looks wild!

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