The SASIC 11 and Stokefest highlights

Hello, there. The Groundswell Society SASIC 11—Surfing Arts, Sciences and Issues Conference at Scripps Institution of Oceanography was an amazing event. The Society was very honored to have Dr. Walter Munk, Dr. Falk Feddersen, the Surfline forecasting team including Kevin Wallis and Dr. Graeme Rae, and Glenn Hening deliver engaging presentations on the theme of Modern Oceanography and the Future of Surfing.

Since 2001, the Groundswell Society has hosted 10 Alternative and Sustainable Surf Sessions. This year the Groundswell Society teamed up with the Paipo Society to host a morning of fun in the waves at Scripps Pier on Sunday February 17th. Makers and friends attending included the Paipo Society, John and Rosa with Wegener Surfboards, Ed Lewis and Kip Denslow with Enjoy Handplanes, Tim Hurley with Acorn Alaias, Micah and Kaley with Micah Wood Surfboards, Pierce and Petra Kavanagh with Misfit Pictures, Glenn Sakamoto with Liquid Salt magazine, Surf Sista Mary Mills, Andrea Siedsma with Salt Water Media, fin-maker Daniel Partch, Henry Hester, Steve and Cher Pendarvis with Pendoflex, and more. . .

A warm thank you to our friends who shared their photos. Photos by Terry Kraszewski, Rob Woods, Abbie Barron, Ken Samuels, Glenn Sakamoto, Jeff Berting, Bruce Cowan, Val Reynolds and Cher Pendarvis. Check out the fun-filled video by the very talented Andrew Quinn via the link below, and links to the others sites with more pictures and information. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the events. We love you! Aloha!

Stokefest video by Andrew Quinn

For more news and photos, check out:

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