The Surfer’s Path #79 and Skip Frye

Andrew Smith penned a terrific article “Expanding the Field, in the Connection Sector with Skip Frye” for The Surfer’s Path and I was honored to support his story by shooting portraits of Skip shaping. The portraits are shot with a 1950s medium format film camera using black-and-white film and a digital SLR was used for the color shot. We had a great time . . .

Other photographers who supported Andy’s article with their beautiful photos are Andrew Kidman, Bill Parr and John Slavin.

Skip and Josh Hall with The Surfers' Path, photo by Yuichi Imai. Thanks Josh and Yuichi for the photo.

The Surfers Path #79 cover

The Surfers Path #79 cover

Photo on left, Skip with Donna's board

Andy’s blog: Born to Lose

The Surfer’s Path #79

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Love and Aloha, Cher

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