Transparentsea Day 1 – The Message, wishing them well

A large crowd of well-wishers gathered on Byron Bays Main Beach this morning to show their support for five daring environmental campaigners who have begun a 36 day voyage by sea to Sydney to highlight the plight of migrating humpback whales and to draw awareness to coastal pollution issues.

Dubbed Transparentsea, the odyssey is an initiative of professional surfer Dave Rastovich, an environmental crusader who is joined on his quest by Californian surfer and artist Chris Del Moro (San Diego, CA, USA), Musician Will Conner (AUS), Photographer Hilton Dawe (Byron Bay, NSW, AUS) and Surfrider Foundations Kristy Theissling (Coolangatta, QLD, AUS).

Wishing Dave and his comrades well on their journey, safe travels.
Overview courtesy NZGreenroom3

Love and Aloha!

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