Tyler Warren flying on the Rubber Ducky, 54″ Pendoflex

Here’s some great shots that John Smart kindly sent of Tyler Warren ripping on the little Pendoflex 4’6″, from their upcoming film, The Tyler Warren Experiments. The frame grabs are courtesy of Mark Jeremias. Thank you John, Tyler and Mark for riding and sharing.

Steve made the little Pendoflex in 2007 as a family board that we could ride every way, paipo, kneeboard and standing up. The Pendoflex 4’6″ is inspired by the first fishes we rode standing up which were 4’6″ kneeboards at the time. He carved out the front of the board, much like a Greenough shell and glassed it up. Steve then applied the rubber ducky decky. The board originally has had 2-inch deep half moon fins, and after we rode it, we added glass to make the fins about 4-1/4-inches deep. This made a huge difference. We can surf, oh, boy! The 3/4-inch nose to tail channels help the wide little board with small fins grab with control when doing 360s, etc.

Here is a link to the blog for John and Tyler’s film:


Richard Kenvin also has a cool little movie of Tyler and the Rubber Ducky titled “54 Inches of Fury” on the Hydrodynamica blog.


Thank you, everyone!


Tyler Warren with the Pendoflex Rubber Duck

Tyler Warren with the Pendoflex Rubber Ducky

Tyler Warren flying on the Pendoflex 4'6"

Tyler Warren flying on the Pendoflex 4'6"

Tyler Warren Pendoflex 25

Tyler Warren Pendoflex 27

TylerWarren Pendoflex 30

TylerWarren Pendoflex 31

TylerWarren Pendoflex 33

TylerWarren Pendoflex 36

TylerWarren Pendoflex 40

TylerWarren Pendoflex 42

TylerWarren Pendoflex 44

TylerWarren Pendoflex 46

TylerWarren Pendoflex 49

TylerWarren Pendoflex 50

TylerWarren Pendoflex 52

TylerWarren Pendoflex 55

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2 Comments on "Tyler Warren flying on the Rubber Ducky, 54″ Pendoflex"

  1. Ian O'
    14/01/2010 at 11:53 pm Permalink

    sooo rad! Everyone needs Rubber Duckey! Everyone needs a little Rincon too while Im at it!

  2. pendo
    22/01/2010 at 5:49 pm Permalink

    Hey, Ian, thanks for writing. Yeah!

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