Veterans Day reflections

A huge thank you to the Veterans for the sacrifices that you make for our country. We are sincerely grateful to you, and your families.

Early this morning there were some fun little waves at the Ocean Beach under overcast skies. We went on our morning walk before work and it was peaceful and quiet along the cliffs, with a small mixed swell. The clouds parted, allowing rays of light to beam down on the ocean, creating soft plays of light and shadow on the water. We are grateful for this lovely, peaceful morning.

Twilight reflections

Twilight reflections


Soft morning cliffside

Soft morning cliffside

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One Comment on "Veterans Day reflections"

  1. Steve... Rick's friend...
    11/11/2009 at 11:27 pm Permalink

    Steve and Cher… much thanks to all the Vets who have given everything to our country. It’s awesome that you take a moment to honor those who have dedicated their lives to service. I hope all is well with you two, and those you love… take care… and Steve… “MAT ON, BROTHER”… Steve

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