Voyage of the ‘Lil Salmon Hullabaloo

Hey there! Here’s Scott Sully’s new ‘Lil Salmon Hullabaloo in her environment in the NW with a Bald Eagle to boot. Gorgeous!

Thanks so much Scott for the beautiful photo and stoked feedback about your new Pendoflex:

“I’d have to say the board went better than I could have even imagined.  The swell picked up  even more than in these photos and by mid session I was dropping into overhead peelers and  flying down the line before setting up for deep and flex loaded cutbacks. I was really tripping on how fast the board was and that comes from after me surfing Keel fishes and Bauguess simm-tris which i think are some of the fastest boards out there. Even from the bottom of the wave the board would hold its line and project around 15 yard sections. You know how when you get a new board you always hope that the very first wave will be  a great one that will open the chapter of your life with the board  Well, it was,  I felt at home instantly with the speed and the rail to rail response. By mid session I was really feeling the tail and the unique feeling that it brought to me after 30 years of surfing.  Hell yea!!  thanks. The board is loved.”

Here is a link to Scott’s web site and his awesome music:

Scott Sullivan

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