Want to Win a Custom Pendo Surfboard?

Hi, there! We are honored to be commissioned to create the Grand Prize for the Catch a Wave surfboard art contest, which is put on by our friends at Corel, and Intel. There is still time to enter! The contest is open until midnight on Aug. 31.

Quoted from the Corel site: “If you haven’t entered our Catch a Wave surfboard art contest, what are you waiting for? We have some amazing prizes up for grabs, including a custom, hand-built surfboard with your design printed on it, Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, solar chargers and gift cards, sponsored by our friends at Intel.

Perhaps you’re wondering “how do I create a design for a surfboard?” Well, it’s easier than you think. There is no set template to follow – just let your creativity and inspiration be your guide. The thrill and exhilaration of riding a wave, combined with the surreal and spiritual experience of being one with nature make surfing more than just a sport – it is a lifestyle that combines freedom, joy and inspiration like no other. So we are challenging you to use this inspiration to create your own surfboard artwork.

Any digital art that you create can be used on a surfboard. If it is something simple, like a dolphin, fish or seahorse, it can be placed in one spot on the board like the deck or nose area. More detailed and complex artwork like an underwater scene or sunset landscape with palm trees can be placed to cover the entire length of the board. Wherever your inspiration takes you, we will work with the winning artist on how to best place his or her design on the board.

The grand prize custom surfboard will be created by Cher and Steve Pendarvis. Any of you who are familiar with Painter and Painter Essentials software will know Cher as one of our renowned Painter Masters. But not only is she an incredibly talented artist, she is also a surfing pioneer. Cher and her husband Steve have been creating handmade custom surfboards for decades. Here are some examples of the amazing surfboards they have created.”

You can read the full story and find out the contest information details at this link!

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