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Wavelength art show

Wavelength art show, June 30–September 13, 2013

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Sweet new Pendoflex knee machine for Mr. H.!

Hi there. Steve built a beautiful new 5’7.5″ Pendoflex four fin knee machine for Harvey. Steve hand-shaped his board from EPS foam and then glassed it with epoxy. Initial outing last week was very positive! Stoked! Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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Two beautiful new Pendoflexes for Mr. A.

Hi there! Steve built two beautiful double-winger swallowtail Pendoflexes for Mr. A., a 9’2″ and an 8’0.” Steve hand-shaped each board using EPS foam and he glassed them with epoxy. The 8’0″ has a t-band, and the 9’2″ a double stringer. Both boards feature Steve’s beautiful hand-made birch wood fins, designed specifically for each board. […]

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