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Here’s Erik greenroom’n it on his sweet Pendoflex fish at a reef up north. The photo is by Andrew Driscoll. Thank you Erik and Andrew for sharing your awesome photo with us. Here are a couple more photos with Erik and his fish when he visited us. Erik is a great person and talented surfer […]

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The Doctor is in. . .

the tube! Steve built a beautiful new EPS Pendoflex Panther tri fin for Dr. Dave. We’re stoked to hear reports that Dave’s enjoying the recent swells on his new board. Thanks for sharing your stoke, Dave! Cowa-flexit!

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Light . . .

Love and Aloha. . . We’re thankful for the beauty. Walk in the Light. . . gratitude, grace and loving-kindness. God bless.

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New Pendoflexes for Mr. A.

Hey, there. Steve built three gorgeous new Pendoflexes for Mr. A. a 7’2,” 8’2″ and a 9’2.” Here are photos of the 7’2″ and 8’2.” These have resin color, pin lines and gloss and polish. Many Alohas to Mr. A. and to the crew at Diamond Glassing. Cowa-flexit!

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Sharing Aloha, The Surfers Journal 19.6

Uncle Val Ching Jr., The Living Link to Surfing’s High Performance Roots by Cher Pendarvis It’s a joy to do something nice to honor someone so kind. . . Sincere thanks to Uncle Val for sharing his important stories and wisdom, and to Joey, Nakoa, Tom Henry, Adam, John, Wallace, Jack, Nick, Tom Pohaku, Jeff and to […]

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How Deep is the Ocean?

Mom loved Billie Holiday and played her music often. Here is one of our favorite upbeat love songs. Enjoy! Love and Aloha, the Pendos

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Dorado for Dorado

Hello, there! In September, Dorado rode a Pendoflex keel fish at G-land and emailed with a report: “I bought Kevin’s old 6’1.5 twin keel and today rode it at small but fun and perfect 4-8 ft faces at G-land and solid OH impossibles a few days before and have never gone faster or made more […]

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The little blue Pendoflex Rubber Ducky

Hey there! Here are photos of the beautiful Pendoflex Rubber Ducky that Steve built for Cho-San with hand-crafted care. It is 5’0″ long and 23-1/4″ wide. Steve made special hand-made birch twin keels for the board. Steve made the first little Pendoflex Rubber Ducky in 2007 as a family board that we could ride every […]

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Early morning fun

Hello, there! This morning the sky was mostly clear with some high, thin clouds which made for a beautiful sunrise. The PLHS surf class paddled out into some nice conditions this morning at the pier. We are grateful for this beautiful day. We’ll be posting some new board photos soon, thanks for visiting. Aloha, and […]

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1/1/11 Happy New Year!

At sunrise on 1/1/11 the sea birds were cruising and fishing. We enjoyed an early morning walk in the cool, crisp air and are grateful every day for the simple beauties. It’s so clear today that you can see the snow on Mount Baldy and the islands on the horizon from the hillside vantage. Thank you for […]

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