Dorado for Dorado

Hello, there! In September, Dorado rode a Pendoflex keel fish at G-land and emailed with a report: “I bought Kevin’s old 6’1.5 twin keel and today rode it at small but fun and perfect 4-8 ft faces at G-land and solid OH impossibles a few days before and have never gone faster or made more sections in my life . . . I want to thank you, as I was routinely connecting waves from the ledge all the way through to speedies at G-land this arvo . . .” Thanks so much, we’re so stoked on Dorado’s report. Steve built this beautiful double-stringer Pendoflex thumb tail for him.

Thanks, to the crew at Mollusk Surf Shop NY, Chris, Mike, Johnny, Kev, and Franco for your stoke, too! Mollusk has Pendoflexes in stock and here’s a link to the shop website page:

Thanks to the folks at Mollusk San Francisco and Venice, too, for your support.

Here’s a link to Mike Machemer’s Lenapejoking

Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

Pendoflex painted with the colors of a Dorado

Dorado as Manchild, borrowed from Mike Machemer's Lenapejoking blog, nice quiver there, big Aloha, thanks

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