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Rasta’s Pendoflex fish

Dave Rastovich and Steve, with Rasta’s new Pendoflex Mako high aspect fish. On a Friday morning in early August we had a soul surf session at PB in waist to shoulder high beach break with Rasta and friends. So stoked that Dave loves his new board! Steve surfed his 4th Gear Flyer mat and I […]

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Mitchell’s Pendoflex quad fish kneeboard

Here’s our good friend Mitchell with his Pendoflex quad fish kneeboard. We were stoked to be paddling out and see him air drop into his first wave on this board. . .  pull into the barrel, and then go flying by as we paddled over the wave! Whooo! that was a fun morning! Steve makes […]

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6’7″ high aspect, twin fin fish!

Here we are after six hours of work and fun in the shaping room. With Steve’s encouragement, Cher shaped a 6’7″, 13-3/4″, 20-3/4″, 15-3/4″, Geppie-inspired, high aspect twin fin fish. ‘Quality time together building a family board to ride waves that we love, what a wonderful birthday present. And we were blessed to share fun […]

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Memories of Australia, 2

A few years back, we took a special trip up the East Coast of Australia, surfing great spots in New South Wales and Queensland, seeing the beautiful countryside and meeting wonderful people. After enjoying the Sydney area for a couple of days, we picked up our rental station wagon, loaded the boards up, and set […]

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Mat Man

  South wind dribble on 08/07/09, in the lee of the Crystal Pier. The Fourth Gear Flyer is tons of fun!

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New Pendo fish for Chris!

Chris is a brilliant research and medical doctor from Vienna, Austria. We had the pleasure of meeting he and his sweet family through our mutual friend Dr. Walter Munk, when Chris was working here in San Diego. Chris loves riding fishes! He’s taking his new beauty home to Austria, and will later surf her along […]

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Tales from Costa Rica

Yesterday our friend Jay T. called from Costa Rica to tell us about the south swell that he says is headed our way. He’s had some stoking days on his new green quad fish Pendoflex. . . fun head high surf at the beach break and over head surf at the river mouth rock reef. […]

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Blue streaker 101 for Jay

This Friday afternoon, Jay stopped by to pick up his new 10′1″ Pendoflex. This 10’1″ design is a rounded pin with a slightly pointed nose, aptly named “the 101.” The 101 has plenty of paddle, trim and glide for summer fun, or big facie winter waves. Cowa-flexit!  

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Here comes the Devonator!

Devon asked Steve to Pendoflex his fave Chris Christenson egg, and here is the Devonator! We  look forward to seeing Devon shredding and to hearing stories. Cowa-flexit! Out for now. . .  

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Pendoflex winger quads for Mike and Jay

Here’s a photo of Mike and Steve, with the Pendoflex winger quads that Steve built for Mike and Jay. ‘Looking forward to hearing how they ride in Venice and Costa Rica. . . thanks for sharing the stoke, guys. Cowa-flexit!  

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