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Completing the 6’7 high aspect fish, glassing and making fins

Sometimes family projects take awhile to complete, because it’s all about the love. The 6’7 Geppie-inspired high aspect fish was shaped by Cher on August 21, 2009. Here are a few photos of the shaping and the completion of the board. Several visual memories inspired the painting: The water flowing along through the reef where […]

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6’7″ high aspect, twin fin fish!

Here we are after six hours of work and fun in the shaping room. With Steve’s encouragement, Cher shaped a 6’7″, 13-3/4″, 20-3/4″, 15-3/4″, Geppie-inspired, high aspect twin fin fish. ‘Quality time together building a family board to ride waves that we love, what a wonderful birthday present. And we were blessed to share fun […]

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