Welcome to Pendoflex and Pendo Surfboards, designed, shaped and built by Steve and Cher Pendarvis. Enjoy the ride!

On this site you’ll find photos of Pendoflex and Pendo surfboards, info about Steve and Cher and the boards, galleries of our art and photography, and more. For more information, click the Contact tab to send us a message, or send an email to: info@pendo.com


Justin McGlathery charging Ulu on his Pendoflex Fish. Photo courtesy Justin McG

Chappy Pendoflexing at Maalaea, photo courtesy Chapman Murphey

Here’s a link to some awesome footage of Chapman surfing his 6’5 Pendoflex step-off board.

Click this link to see the footage, a new window will open. Another window will open and then click the hot text.

Chapman Pendoflex Mex 2010 by Brian Conley

This footage was filmed and edited by Brian Conley.

Aloha and Cowa-flexit!