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Happy Thanksgiving, Whoo! 4’6 Pendoflex for Pam

Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be grateful for. Surfing is a blessed expression of individuality and creativity, and every wave is a gift. Here is a sweet little 4’6 Pendoflex fish that Steve built for our friend Pam. So stoked! Cowa-flexit, aloha!      

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New Pendoflex rounded diamond tail for Hal

Steve built our good friend Hal a beautiful 6’8″ rounded diamond tail quad for winter. Hal received his new board just in time for the new swell. Stoked! Cowa-flexit! Aloha!  

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Celebration of Life in the ocean with Dinesh

Dinesh Quatrocci was a long-time surfing comrade for 30+ years, who passed away on October 17th, due to complications after a liver transplant. Dinesh was a multi-talented man who is missed and remembered by his parents, his wife Kathie, his children and many in our community. His life during the last 11 years was a […]

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Speedy new 6’8″ moontail quad for Scotty

Scotty and M’Tussie came by in the evening to pick up Scotty’s new board. As always we had a great visit. Looks like we have some fun surf on the way for later in the week! Cowa-flexit!    

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The clear sunrise brought a warm East wind

The weekend was a busy work time for both of us, without much play time.  So, this morning we began the day with a beautiful early morning walk. Most of the city was still asleep and quiet, and over the ocean, a few squadrons of pelicans were cruising. There were some fun little peaks at […]

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Eco-friendly Pendoflex boards at Patagonia Cardiff

Note: These boards are SOLD. For more about our Pendoflex boards, please check out the video. Thanks! Here is a short film made by our friend Ralph Starkweather about the Eco-friendly Pendoflex surfboards that Steve is building for the Patagonia store, in Cardiff, California. Directed, filmed and edited by Ralph Starkweather, featuring: Devon Howard, Steve […]

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Veterans Day reflections

A huge thank you to the Veterans for the sacrifices that you make for our country. We are sincerely grateful to you, and your families. Early this morning there were some fun little waves at the Ocean Beach under overcast skies. We went on our morning walk before work and it was peaceful and quiet […]

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Pendoflex at Patagonia Cardiff, 3!

Here are two more Pendoflex boards that are at the Patagonia Cardiff store!  Eco-friendly materials and built to last These Pendoflex boards are hand-shaped and built with care. All of the boards are glassed with epoxy resin. The 5’10 fish has a Biofoam core. The Biofoam fish is sealed with linseed oil resin prior to […]

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Pendoflex at Patagonia Cardiff, 2

Here are three more of the Pendoflex boards that are at the Patagonia Cardiff store! We are very stoked and honored to build these boards for Patagonia Cardiff. Eco-friendly materials and built to last These Pendoflex boards are hand-shaped and built with care. The boards shown in Patagonia post 1 and 2 are all 2.2lb […]

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