Well, when we ride a normal board, it just feels like a board. A Pendoflex seems to tap more of the available energy. . .sort of like a Fiberflex skateboard, weighting and unweighting . . . building speed on speed. . . it’s really cool. The high speed torque built into these boards slingshots you around sections, yeah and also on top of them. They cover all kinds of area in the flats, are sure and steady in the tube and sick in the pit. Subtle flex characteristics fuel powerful rail turns, while the board conforms to the wave face.

Steve Pendarvis

Brennan fish_red orange_2544 smBorn and raised in San Diego, Steve began building wave-riding vehicles, beginning with a marine ply paipo in 1965, and then shaping surfboards in the late 1960s. Throughout his life, as a designer and board builder, a highlight has always been tinkering and innovating. Part of the Sunset Cliffs crew of shaping and designers, his early inspirations were Skip Frye, George Greenough, Steve Lis, Bunker Spreckles, Ben Ferris, Stan Pleskunas, Louis Greco, Will Crane and Larry Gephart.

In the 1970s to mid-1980s Steve built Pendo-pinners, Pendowibs, Pendoflex, really cool stringerless eggs, fishes, guns and always experiments, such finless boards and Wibbulators. Also during that time, Converse rafts deflated, on big stormy days were tons of fun! Steve has worked with John Durwood at Canyon Surfboards, Andy Anderson, Classic Glass, Superior Glass, Diamond Glassing and others. Steve builds his Pendoflex boards at his workshop. Each Pendoflex and Pendo is 100% hand made by Steve.

Some of the well known surfers who have ridden Steve’s boards include Gavin Beschen, Johnny Bowling, Lyle Carlson, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, Richard Kenvin, Jason Lau, Dan Malloy, Jamie Mitchell, Josh Mulcoy, the Murphey brothers, Dave Rastovich, and Daniel Thomson. All of these surfers are open-minded and forward-thinking. Here are a few comments from riders: “Sure and steady in the tube, sick in the pit, flies around sections, and over and on top of them. . .”

What is Pendoflex? from Cher Pendarvis on Vimeo.

Directed by Bill Harris

Filmed by Cher Pendarvis

Edited by Bill Harris