Rasta’s Pendoflex fish

Dave Rastovich and Steve, with Rasta’s new Pendoflex Mako high aspect fish. On a Friday morning in early August we had a soul surf session at PB in waist to shoulder high beach break with Rasta and friends. So stoked that Dave loves his new board! Steve surfed his 4th Gear Flyer mat and I rode Frisky the quad fish. We had so much fun in the water together! Dave surfed so quick and fluid, and we shared waves and many smiles. He and Steve rode waves together, and on one wave, Dave sank his board, so he could fall into the wave, and body surf alongside Steve riding the mat. They paddled out after that wave with big smiles! Truly a magic session and quality time together that we will always remember.

You can see some great pix taken by Scott Sullivan, of Dave riding one of RK’s Pendoflex boards awhile back, in the Pendoflexers gallery. (Thanks, RK and Scott!) Detail shots of Dave’s new Pendoflex can be seen in the Fish gallery.


Steve and Rasta, with Rasta's new Pendoflex

Dave and Steve, with Dave's new Pendoflex

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