Cher Pendarvis Photography

A native Californian, Cher Pendarvis began with a child’s fascination with art and graduated with a BFA with Highest Honors and Distinction in Art. Her painting and photography reflect the inspiring travels she made with her family around the Pacific Rim-California, Hawaii, the Philippines, Japan, and China, among other places. In addition to land, water and abstract compositions, Cher loves making portraits of people who inspire her. She shoots digital for some of her work, but feels that film affords unique character, intimacy and richness. Shooting with a medium format camera from the 1950s is a meditative, thoughtful process in this age when so much of the digital world is slick, perfect and fast. She loves the rich, organic nature of film and its unique ability to capture light, and her work is exhibited as silver halide prints or archival ink jet prints, depending on the vision. When she’s not shooting photos or painting, you can find her surfing favorite reefs in San Diego, writing or working on surfboards with her husband Steve.

Here is a selection of photographs from near and far. Aloha!

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