Pendoflex-o Sled

Hi there! Steve made this amazing 9’6″ Pendoflex-o sled step-deck nose rider for Jack. Steve hand-shaped the board using classic foam with 5/16″ double dark cedar stringers, and glassed it with a 6-4 bottom and a double 6 and 6s deck with care. Steve adapted his Pendoflex for the single fin box, with a hard edge on the top of the deck across the tail. The board carries with it a “Magic Feet” fin designed by Kevin Connelly. Yeah! 20-inch nose, 23-5/8″ wide, 16-tail, with a 10-inch tail block, with 3 layers of cloth to build the edge. Don’t put it on your toes, it’ll cut ‘ya! Right on, Mr. Jack! Cowa-flexit!!!

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