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10’1″ Pendoflex Blue Whale!

Happy Aloha Friday, family and friends! We hope that our note finds you well! Here we have the 10’1” Pendoflex Blue Whale, with Steve and Mr. J. It’s a sincere pleasure to make special custom boards for fine friends. Steve shaped the Blue Whale from EPS and glassed him with epoxy resin. Steve and I […]

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New Pendoflex swallowtail Blue Whale four fin

Hi there! Steve shaped this gorgeous 7 foot swallowtail four fin from PU foam for me. The painting on the bottom is inspired by our love for the Cetaceans, the Blue Whale sightings here this fall and the TransparentSea voyage along our coast. It was wonderful to visit with the inspiring TransparentSea crew while they […]

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