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Fun 5’8″ Pendoflex Fish!

Hello, there! While visiting, our friend Mr. C enjoyed fun surf sessions with our 5’8” Pendoflex Keel Hauler EPS Fish, 2-1/4” x 21-3/4” nicknamed “The Wide Thin Chick!” We’re sending our smiles. Aloha and Cowa-flexit! Steve and Cher

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Double winger swallow, 6’10 EPS Pendoflex for M’Tussie!

Wow! M’Tussie asked Steve to build him a 6’10 x 20 3/4″ double-winger swallow Pendoflex for fun winter reef waves. M’Tussie requested the old Pendoflex stencil logo and happy drop of water Pendorific! paint artwork, which Steve was happy to paint. Steve recommended building the board from EPS foam, and laminated it special with epoxy […]

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