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New Pendoflex Knee Machine for Mr. H!

Hi, there! Steve built this sweet new Pendoflex Knee Machine for Mr. H. Thank you for the great photos, Harvey! We look forward to hearing about your wave-riding adventures! Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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Go Harv!

Hi there. This week we’re celebrating our good friend Harvey! He sent us some nice photos of riding his Pendoflex knee machine. Thanks for sharing your great photos Harvey! By the way, Happy Birthday! Cowa-flexit!

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In honor of GG’s groundbreaking surfing

“Let’s kinda . . . move it now with Georgie!” Vintage footage of young George Greenough riding Velo in Australia. Aloha and Cowa-flexit!

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Steen’s Pendoflex knee machine and high aspect fish

Hello there! Since the 1960s we’ve loved surfing with our knee-rider friends here in San Diego and thereabouts . . . memories of surfing points north in the early days, and seeing George Greenough riding his spoons, matts and other craft also come to mind. The knee-riders have always pushed the limits of wave riding […]

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