Tale of the Big Striper

Flash back to the time just after Clark foam closed, when good foam was scarce. Our friend’s shop in La Jolla had received some blanks from South Africa.  I picked up a blank for Steve, trusting that it was true and fine. And, due to the times, it was the most expensive blank we’d bought to date! Steve was shocked when he checked it with his fine shaper’s eye. . . “Oh, look what we have here, Safari with a twist and with buckshot to boot!” With hopes of leveling the twist, he weighted the blank, but in the end, he decided to order another for his customer and shaped the new board. Awhile later using weights again, he straightened the blank as much as possible and then shaped a 7’10” speed egg Pendoflex. Years rolled by, and with the blank sitting on the rack in our painting studio, still with some twist. During our recent rainy weather, I was inspired to paint it. So Steve screened the yellowed foam to clean it up, used spackle to fill the buck shot and let me loose with the paint. Look out, here comes the Big Striper Bass, it took some time but here we go, tons of fun! . . . funny how art applies itself, from a potential throw away, to a treasured family art project.

Cowa-flexit, Aloha!

Big Striper Bass for the Ohana

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One Comment on "Tale of the Big Striper"

  1. Steve Cannon
    28/10/2010 at 12:29 pm Permalink

    Nice fish !!!!!!…… no catch and release there… a definite keeper. Beautiful work… Stevo

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