The 2016 SCSA Gromfest!

Hello, there! The Gromfest for local kids—16 and under—is our favorite event with our Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association family. At the SCSA Gromfest, every kid is a winner! SCSA hosted this year’s Gromfest on August 27 at the Ocean Beach pier. The waves were 1-3 feet with fun shape for the young surfers. Special thanks go to the SCSA Gromfest committee and sponsors for organizing such a wonderful day for the kids. A good time was had by all. We hope that you enjoy the pictures—the kids’ smiles are contagious! We were so stoked to meet Marley Buddington, the little girl who won the Pendoflex that Steve had made with love, and donated to the contestant raffle. It was wonderful to see little Kalani Lewis riding the Pendo egg that he won at last year’s Gromfest. Happy endings to this year’s event! Congratulations to all of the young surfers. Warm thanks to our very talented event photographer Rob Blake, for sharing your great pictures!

Love and Aloha, Cher and Steve

Stoked surfette Marley with her new Pendoflex and Gromfest goodie bags! Photo by her mom Katie

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